Be an undercover hero

Earn extra as a mystery shopper while developing your communication skills and helping businesses give customers what they want.

Time for a new professional adventure!

Join our team and discover what it means to be one of our chameleonic Mystery Shoppers. It's easy, enjoyable, and you'll be fairly compensated for each project you take on.

Before completing the qualification test-form and the demographic info required to apply for research projects, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • You are at least 20 years of age.
  • You pay attention to details when evaluating a service and have a good memory.
  • You are reliable and always honour deadlines and appointments.
  • You are motivated to conduct mystery shopping visits.
  • You have basic computer skills and Internet access.
  • We can easily reach you by phone.
  • You can travel short distances.
  • You can carry out onsite visits promptly.

You’re almost set! We only need a few of your demographic details. Keep in mind that your personal information will never be shared with third parties.
Data fields marked with (*) are mandatory.


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